Who is Babo the Dragon?

Who is Babo the Dragon?

"Babo the Dragon" is an activity book that teaches children between 2 and 5 years old their first words in English in a natural way while playing and having fun. The activities proposed by "Babo" are very varied and focus on curiosity, psychomotricity, coordination, creativity, personal hygiene etc., and many other skills. All the cards contain instructions, but you can also create a different activity or game with them. The important thing is not that the cards are perfect, but that the child has fun and learns. You can share your creations on our social media to inspire other children.

The months are represented by colours. During the days of a month, we work on a number, a colour, a form, and vocabulary related to a topic. At the end of the activities we pick out the cards with the vocabulary learned and play with them while we revise the activity (these are sent home at the end of the month by schools).






" Babo the Dragon" Activity Book ( 2- 5 years)