To achieve its objectives and endorse its international character, Baby Erasmus has partners in several European countries (universities, associations and foreign educational centers) that collaborate with our educational project. On the other hand, our center participates in several European projects "Erasmus +" on bilingualism and child education financed by the European Commission.

POLYGLOT: Multilingual Education in Preschool Age

Multilingual language skills are important in a cosmopolitan society and, as children are especially receptive to learning languages at an early age, linguistic competences and a multilingual education should be implemented in Europe’s kindergartens. Therefore the project mainly addresses the educators in preschool institutions, as well as bi-/multilingual children and their parents.

SPROUT: Same Profiles for Unique Training in ECEC service

The need to invest in human capital from early childhood is the focus of attention of the scientific community and of the EU: established this interest, Europe has a very diverse views about the organization of ECEC services and above all about the qualifications requested to staff working with younger children. There is a high diversity in the initial training of childhood educators both in Europe, with countries where educators are requested to have just a high school diploma...