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The dynamic and globalizing world poses new challenges to our educational system. Bringing up a tolerance, mutual acquaintance and cooperation across cultures, respect for diversity and respect for human rights in their full richness and depth is at the heart of the tasks that our teaching team faces.
01 - September - 2020

Manifestations of intolerance, rejection, and misunderstanding of the other are observed more frequently in our school. Students do not possess sufficient intercultural competences to form their civic consciousness. Our goal is to introduce students to the "other" - the other in ethnicity, religion, cultural different another one. Respect for the diversity of human cultures enriches all of us and helps us appreciate the full range of cultural differences and choices, this is a "school of tolerance", understanding, requiring effort, the reciprocity, and penetration of cultures at different points in the global world. We want to expand students' horizons, to show the huge variety of cultural practices and historical events because we believe that the more one knows, the more tolerant he could be.

The project will provide a wide range of opportunities to integrate national and international approaches in teaching tolerance by sharing ideas, methods, and good practices. Broad cooperation with public
organizations will help to for the development of education in Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Greece and will implement successful, good practices in local, regional or national level. The purpose of our project is to be open to multicultural Europe and to bring up tolerance through:
● Expanding the horizon of thinking of students as citizens of United Europe.
● Increasing students' interest in cultural heritage and the history of their own countries , as well as partners’ countries, working on this project
● Education in humanism, ethics, and tolerance towards different ones, whose essence is determined by getting to know their spiritual values.
● Developing the skills to adapt to a variable, complex and interconnecting world - a world of difference, but also of tolerance and equality indifference.
● Formation of attitudes and skills to build a European society of free, moral and initiative personalities with a broad general culture, affirming the laws, the rights of the others, their language, religion and culture, knowing and respecting national and universal values.
● Developing students' creative personality.
● Building personalities who can justify and defend their own position in life, moral and philosophical problems.
● Build thinking, critical, creative, initiative and tolerant personalities who are capable of accepting and supporting the different ones.
● The activities we intend to implement under the project are related to the introduction of participants to Bulgarian phenomena, recognized as part of the world’s cultural heritage - tangible and intangible. Some of them are on the UNESCO list. There will be conducted various activities with students and teachers. We are planning to create two clubs with students at primary and elementary
school, studying cultural heritage under the auspices of UNESCO and a lot of various activities. Emphasis will be placed on education intolerance through the lessons of the past. There will be activities
related to the Holocaust theme that provides an opportunity for education in a spirit of tolerance, respect, respect for the human dignity of every person.