School (3-6 years)

School (3-6 years)

Second education cycle / Early Years (3-6 years old)

To continue the students second language learning and with the intention of making the children completely biligual, Baby Erasmus decided to open up the Second Cycle of infants education, to educate our students in a bilingual environment until they are 6 years old. We also want to give the oppurtunity to other students, those who have not attended the First Cycle with us, to become bilingual. Those who want to acquire a second language via consecutive learning.

During this stage we follow a curriculum created to the age and requirements of our students that allows them to learn a second language through a variety of experiences and gaining knowledge in the following areas :

•    Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
•    Communication, Language and Literacy.
•    Mathematical Development.
•    Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
•    Physical Development.
•    Creative Development.