Baby Erasmus is a new concept of Early Childhood Education whose aim is to take advantage of the language skills of children between 0 and 6 years to learn a second language naturally and effortlessly.

In order for the early learning of this second language to be effective, in addition to a linguistic immersion, it is necessary to immerse the culture that surrounds the language and that the students associate an environment or a person with that second language. For this reason, since the children entered our center the only language of communication is English and we have qualified native teachers.

Baby Erasmus has developed its own educational program "Babo the Dragon" that we adapt year after year to the needs and capacities of our students.



To achieve its objectives and endorse its international character, Baby Erasmus has partners in several European countries (universities, associations and foreign educational centers) that collaborate with our educational project. In addition, our center participates in several European "Erasmus +" projects on bilingualism and early childhood education funded by the European Commission.

Ultimately, Baby Erasmus is a multilingual educational project with proven results that has become an international benchmark in early language learning.

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